These huge displays are found along major highways and busy streets and speak for themselves. Clear crisp images or movies along with text displaying your message that can be seen from afar. These giant message centers are made with the same high quality dependable products as our Premier displays…just much larger!

Scrolling LED

If price is your concern, then the Versa LED Display may be for you.  Indoor or outdoor, this economical display can get the job done with scrolling text, static text, images or mini movies.  Designed ordinarily to be displayed in a window or on a wall indoors, these signs have become portable and good for use outdoors in the weather.  These displays are very popular displays with Fair, Flee Markets, small and large business where the viewing may be more up close and or with foot traffic.

Display/Box Sign

These very popular signs are found nearly everywhere.  These may very well be possibly the most economical way to get you name out in front of your business.  These signs can be internally lit as well as simply printed with your name or artwork, or both.  The artwork for the faces of these single or double sided signs is endless.  These signs can be pole mounted, flush mounted on a building in incorporated into a monument structure.

Pylon Structures

If it’s a pole or a vertical type structure, It’s a Pylon Structure.  At times, the Pylon can be the sign, the sign may be an integral part of the structure or the sign may be simply attached.  Either way, we can help out installing the structure from footing to fitting!  See our gallery for a few projects that we created in the past.  We would love to install your next Pylon Structure.

Premier LED Display

The Premier LED Sign can most commonly be found in front of businesses, along high traffic areas mounted on Pylons, Poles or mounted in Monuments These signs are very popular and well known for their eye catching messages or images to customers passing by.

Custom Letters

Channel Letters are currently the number one choice of sign identification for business professionals. These products can be used for internal and external storefronts. Sign Fab offers a complete range of channel letter products,
type styles, and custom logos. Our channel letter accessories offer you diversity, providing your customer with a wide range of options.

Custom Signs

If it’s not a standard sign you are looking for, you may be looking for some type of custom sign.  This category is endless and the ideas are up to you and our artist to create.  If you have the idea, it can be made.  Get a hold of us a have us assist you in creating the sign of your dreams!  We would love to add it to our portfolio of wild and crazy or down to earth custom signs.  See our images ideas with this option for a few ideas that we have assisted with in the past.


The majestic monument! Very popular monument structures can be found in Gated Communities, rental apartments, Schools, business, churches and small or large business.  These sign structures are all custom made and very affordable.  Let us help you design and build you next Monument Structure.

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